Wayne McKelvey: “James Yellowlees is a charlatan”

Wayne McKelvey is the principal of Metropolitan Preparatory Academy. His school, along with the families of two Japanese students, were ripped off by James Yellowlees.

Richard: Is there anything else you want people to know about James Yellowlees?

Wayne: Well he’s a charlatan. I have no problem saying that. You know. No, I don’t understand why he did it, and by the way he’s the only man I’ve ever dealt with in an agent capacity that has ripped me off. I figured the amount of…twice, I sent an agent to him, this kid was coming, that kid was coming, the hotel bills, the flights…probably I spent $40,000-80,000. And I got one year’s payment for (name redacted).

Richard: So how much is left over? How much does he still owe?

Wayne: Oh, he owes at least $30,000-35,000. Maybe $40,000.

Richard: Unbelievable. OK.

Wayne: If that helps you, I don’t know what else to say to you. I have no problem if you use my name in a courtroom, whatever, all I know is that he’s a charlatan, and if I ever met him again I’d tell him in two seconds.

The unedited version of the conversation:


Richard Pavonarius

I worked for James Yellowlees from 2004 to 2011.


3 thoughts on “Wayne McKelvey: “James Yellowlees is a charlatan”

  1. James Yellowless is a liar. He cheated me for money and many other people. His behavior worth 10 years in prison. Why Japanese Tokyo Univ. produced such rubbish?

  2. I worked for a public university in Western Canada and Yellowlees ripped us off $45,000 in 2011. Managed to nag/ pressure him into paying back $30,000 but never received the balance.
    Seeing this website was an eye opener but obviously he rips off everyone!

    1. There are so many more stories I’ve heard from people. If I put them all up I think I’d come off as being obsessed.

      I haven’t heard anything about him lately, but I haven’t been looking either.

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