The incident with Roger Ver and James Yellowlees

In November 2014, James planned to hold an event called the “Bitcoin Summit in Tokyo.” In October, Roger Ver, who was to be the keynote speaker, stumbled across this website and contacted me through Facebook:

Facebook message from Roger Ver asking for information about James Yellowlees

Facebook message from Roger Ver asking for information about James Yellowlees

I told him yes, James still owes me money and has also ripped off others for millions of yen. Roger sent an e-mail to James and CC’d me:

Thursday, October 23, 2014 3:56 PM

Hi James,

Can you tell me what you know about ?

I’m having some serious concerns about the conference in general.

Thank you,

Roger Ver

James sent this reply to Roger, who forwarded it to me:

Oct 23, 2014, at 4:23 PM

Hi Roger,

It has been posted by a disturbed person we had to let go a few years ago due to sexual harassment, sleeping on the job and not showing up for work.
It is being dealt with and should disappear very soon.
The Conference is coming together. There will be fewer in attendance that we have been hoping for but I think, with discount, 50 people will be possible.
Will you be at Bitcoin Meet up this evening?
We can discuss it then.


Which was surprising to hear, because all the e-mails I’d received from James since he laid me off in March 2011 were amicable, apart from the one he sent after I finally ran out of patience and went public on LinkedIn.

Some of the e-mails I've received from James Yellowlees

Some of the e-mails I’ve received from James Yellowlees

Anyway, Roger wasn’t buying it.

Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 17:09:28 +0900

Hi James,

I’m sorry, but there seems to be a bit too much information on the internet complaining about you written by multiple people, Japanese and foreign:

Dr. James Ian Yellowlees, Ph.D. is a Con Artist

Myself, CZ, and Yuzo don’t feel comfortable participating in the conference while these issues are still outstanding.

Please take care of them by the end of this month, or we will all formally withdraw our participation in the conference.

I plan to attend the meet up tonight, but I will be a bit late arriving.

Roger Ver

“CZ” is Changpeng Zhao, who at the time was CTO of Chinese-based exchange OkCoin. “Yuzo” is Yuzo Kano of

James, perhaps a little panicked, hit the reply button on the last e-mail I sent to him back in June 2014.

James Yellowlees
To me Oct 23, 2014
Can we talk?

From: Richard M. Pavonarius
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 7:43 PM
To: James Yellowlees
Subject: I heard you were paid a visit


I heard that the families of four former CEA clients visited your apartment building and you had to call the police. What’s your side of the story?


I replied to him, CC-ing to Roger and a number of other victims of James:

To James Yellowlees
Oct 23, 2014
No, we can’t talk. Put the money in my bank account. Pay my legal fees. Pay Yuko for the work she did. Give everyone in the ジェームズイエロリーズ被害者会 their money back. I’m tired of dealing with you and your complete lack of integrity.

The next day, James sent an email to my wife, asking her to contact him to settle:

差出人: “James Yellowlees”
日時: 2014年10月24日 9:15:24 JST
宛先: “‘Ryoko Takahashi'”
件名: RE: Payment



She didn’t reply to him, but she sure gave me an ear-full. My wife was already tired of dealing with him way back in 2011. A few days later, James e-mailed her again, this time threatening legal action if she refused to settle.

差出人: “James Yellowlees”
日時: 2014年10月29日 18:43:34 JST
宛先: “‘Ryoko Takahashi'”
件名: RE: Payment




I replied to James,

Harassing my wife won’t work.

My last e-mail to him went unanswered:

Forgery is a crime, James. Why are you stealing millions of yen from clients? Gambling debt? I can’t understand your motivation. You can’t possibly be happy or feel proud of yourself.


The forgery was about a bank statement he sent to one of his victims. It’s another story.

In the end, all the people scheduled to speak at James Yellowlees’ Bitcoin Summit pulled out of the event. I don’t know whether he cancelled the event or not. It’s still listed on Global Daigaku’s Facebook page.

Bitcoin Summit post on Global Daigaku Facebook page

Bitcoin Summit post on Global Daigaku Facebook page

Roger Ver explained how he met James Yellowlees.

Hi Rich,

I don’t really know much.
I met James for the first time about 2 months ago by chance in an elevator.
I don’t think he knew much about Bitcoin until heard about them from me.
I’m well known in the Bitcoin community, so I think he saw a chance to use me to make some money by running a conference.
I just want to tell the world about Bitcoin.
James then setup the conference details on his own, and I was super surprised when I saw he was trying to charge $1000 per attendee.

I don’t know any more than that at this time.

I do hope he pays everyone he owes,  but I am thinking that won’t be likely since he hasn’t replied to me yet regarding the issue.

I’ll let you know if I hear anything else,

Roger Ver

If you know James, please help convince him to pay back everyone he has ripped off and start making an honest living. He’s causing many people to suffer, including himself and his family. I hate dealing with this. It stresses me out and I’m tired of it.


Richard Pavonarius

I worked for James Yellowlees from 2004 to 2011.


12 thoughts on “The incident with Roger Ver and James Yellowlees

  1. Hi,

    I hate to say that but I me and my school are another victim of James Yellowlees. Bad coincidence of not double-checking his reference led to (in his favour) paying us for a student fair, which was cancelled by him 6 days prior the event.

    People like him should be out of business and I am ready to play a role in helping anyone in doubt.

    We are pressing legal charges on him from Switzerland in the first month of 2016 and also make any effort possible to take down his fake websites.

    Petr Jiskra

  2. I made a JPY 1,000,000 investment in Global Daigaku back in 2002 along with a number of other angel investors. James never provided relevant reports on the activities of this company and certainly no financial statements (audited or otherwise). I understand that a limited number of investors eventually got some or all of their original investments back, but some of us definitely did not. Dr. Yellowlees is a master of delay and obfuscation. It is clear that he considers any monies paid to him are a not an investment or payment for services to be provided, but a personal donation. Perhaps he considers the ‘lessons in life’ he is providing to all his creditors is sufficient compensation. I hope he is run out of business and am anxious to help achieve this when I return to Tokyo in 2017.

  3. I met James in the summer of 2013.
    I can help all of you nail this guy as I have some really good dirt on him.

  4. Thanks for the warning, Newton.

    Pacifica Consultants and Pacifica KK look like sad re-treads of the same ‘expertise’ James Yellowlees has being tried to flog over the last 25 years. Do not give this charlatan any money – it only encourages him to recycle and re-brand his activities every few years in search of a new collection of gullible victims.

  5. I gotta contact from James Yellowlees and visit his office. The things he was asking and replied sound bit funny. He asked me for market some thing called Idea Paint by using my contacts and consultancy. However, I decided not to work with some English Teacher. Lucky I found out some strange feeling as instinct.

    1. コメントありがとうございます。この出来事を日本語で説明してください。私が英語で翻訳してあげます。

  6. I managed to enroll in a “Mini MBA” program (tuition of JPY 1MM) introduced by James and ostensibly offered through the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. After 4 months, the only evidence of the existence of the program is a sample copy of the core text and periodic chats that he hosts with myself and one other student. Looks like I may have unwittingly joined this club.

  7. James Yellowless is a liar. He cheated me for money and many other people. His behavior worth 10 years in prison. Why Japanese Tokyo Univ. produced such rubbish?

  8. I also took the “mini MBA” lectures 5 years ago, then offered a career counseling by James, and was told about a program at one of the continued education programs in California which he offered to help me with the enrollment, etc. I had paid the initial fee and he told me that he got me on the program for knowing some people there and asked for the next payment for the tuition, while the timing was odd as I had not finished providing paperwork or certain documents he had told me that would be required for the application. I contacted the school to find he had not done anything he said he has done – so I started collecting evidences and went to police office. I talked with some investigation officers there who deal with intellectual offense crimes and found out that he is a “regular” there. I even once received a call from the officer that he has him in the office (when I was looking for him to ask for my money back) so I went to see him at the police office. The strangest and frustrating thing is that Japanese police can’t arrest him although they know and are sure about numerous forgeries and problems he has caused. All the evidences I provided them meant nothing because they said that in order to arrest him they have to do international investigation (and he is not a case that is worth spending all that money to do all that). He still owes me money. Last year I ran into him in Tokyo accompanying a very young Japanese girl at which looked like an application for a school. I could not make a scene there feeling sorry for the girl… but I don’t understand why he can’t be stopped…

  9. Just randomly ran into this website. I have realized that we almost hired an intern through him, at 1M JPY for a student intern. Easy free money for him there, but I stopped contacting him.

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